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We’re creative folks.
At Octaloop, we believe that no amount of SEO can make up for bad content. People don’t connect with algorithms; they connect with emotions. Good content doesn’t work because of its keywords – it works in spite of them.

Marketing involves many tasks. Marketers play many roles. From promoting and influencing to professional smooth-talking, we’re a creative crew.
Our Greatest Assets
Anupam Varshney
Chief Navigator
For reasons beyond comprehension, and in stark contrast to everyone else at Octaloop, Anupam prefers fruit-flavoured ice-cream to chocolate. He is a champion of the pour-over coffee movement and can often be found nerding out to space and history documentaries.

Anupam’s crypto journey began when he bought Bitcoin from an anonymous Reddit user in 2013. In pursuit of raising blockchain awareness, he started a community in Delhi that has now grown to 5000+ members.

He brings nearly a decade of blockchain and content marketing experience to the team. As the captain of our little boat, passion for community building and crypto radiates from his core.
Manu Naik
Drama Queen
A content connoisseur and the master of sumptuous words, Manu heads marketing at Octaloop. He’s an avid storyteller, knower of random fun-facts, and a written-word enthusiast with a flair for technology.

He is extremely passionate about gaming. There’s probably a Manu in the parallel universe who is a game developer and has already released his own games (with thick story lines) for PC, PS, XBox, Switch, and VR.

He can apparently rap the fast part of Rap God; something he has proven during the team calls. At the age of 12, he managed to get half a million views for a Playstation tutorial video on YouTube. His favorite emoji is currently 🪂(updated biweekly).
Unnat Kumar
Digital Mechanic
Unnat is a full-stack website developer. He speaks Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++. After completely draining himself of energy in his early teens, Unnat sacrificed himself to the web-dev gods, and currently provides Octaloop with excellent technical support and patiently listens to our rants about Windows Update.
Digital Alchemist
There’s a good chance Gitansh works with a secret intelligence agency; we don’t know. When he’s not out on his missions, he leads the backend development.
Experience Architect
Govind believes the secret to happiness comes from being a good listener. If it were up to him, Govind would be running a restaurant in Goa (that never serves Khichdi), fuelled by beer and living out of a villa. Fortunately for us, life has steered him towards the design life, and we are ever grateful for it.
Though she asks us to call her Rhea, we’re not entirely sure what her real name is. Defender of watermelons and total psychology nerd, Rhea has active subscriptions to every conceivable streaming platform, and rates TV shows by murder count. Whether you ask for it or not, Rhea tends to offer her perspective on social situations with a cocktail of rationalism and sass. She drinks nothing but water.
Though his biceps are enormous, Vaibhav’s heart is even bigger. Though he is a man of few words, his writing speaks volumes. If he could, Vaibhav would have us drop everything to plan out a Ponzi scheme together at the gym. Luckily, he can’t, so he spends his time lending us his words and managing our development team. Vaibhav believes the secret to happiness is happiness (but secretly Ponzi schemes).
BD Wizard
From establishing business partnerships to learning full-stack development, Abdulla is all about building networks. A true team player, he’s a cheeky boi that loves playing pranks on everyone. Given the choice, Abdulla would spend his life traveling the globe, propagating his views on how lime tea is the worst.
The Events Guy
Our very own Events Guy, Sumeet loves most things, but hates eggplants. We aren’t sure why, but despite his hatred for something so arbitrary, it’s not too difficult to please this walking dispenser of positivity. All he needs is some good music, his dog, and FIFA.
Market Mentat
Our resident crypto skeptic, Avni could sell a fridge to an eskimo – or a scam token to a Bitcoin maxi. An investigator of utility and value, Avni loves giving gyaan, and encouraging people to eat healthier and live more conscious lifestyles. However, she fights a losing battle with her water bottle each day, and eats blue Lay’s like a champion, so take her recommendations with half a grain of salt (don’t overdo the sodium!).
Our Mission
Writing is an art, but content is an acquisition channel.
We want you to be heard
We believe that every brand has a purpose, but more often than not, they lack a voice. We want to be that voice for your brand and help you communicate, fulfill that purpose, and grow your audience faster than ever before.
Our growth focus is metric driven
We are obsessed with metric-driven growth, and this approach to inbound marketing strategies helps us achieve tremendous results.
Tell us how you are the best fit.
We don’t really need your resume or cover letter, impress us by doing something out-of-the-box.