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Unblock 2021’s Winning Blockchain Hackathon DApps
unblock 2021

Applications are the fuel of any software-based ecosystem’s growth, and this holds for all kinds of platforms, from smartphones and home appliances to centralized and decentralized networks. The blockchain industry is bursting at the seams with revolutionary ideas, hackathon-inspired innovative technologies, and dedicated people. While the space has certainly matured from its humble origins over […]

content marketing in blockchain

The blockchain industry is a community of people from different backgrounds. While developers write efficient code, the marketing folk write captivating content. However, between advanced cryptography and dynamic payment networks, these teams need to be well-versed with much more than just writing. For one, there’s economics. Blockchain-based projects are unlike other startups in the tech […]

blockchain ideas

Earlier this year, Octaloop conducted India’s largest blockchain based hackathon as part of The Road to Metamorphosis II, a virtual summit featuring talks and discussions about concepts and ideas from prominent members of the cryptocurrency community. After a week-long test of skill and determination, mentor sessions with veteran blockchain developers, and many bug fixes, hackathon […]