DecentralHacks 2021

September 13 - 1 October 2021

Future-proofing Finance

If money makes the world go around, programmable money is giving it a whole new spin. Decentralized networks are the next frontier for financial systems, and from bootstrapped startups to large fintech corporations, everyone’s taking notice.

DLT is all about trust-minimization, but it’s also about collaboration. Bitcoin is an open-source community-built project -- a network of disparate individuals and organizations co-operating to maintain a currency that knows no borders. However, blockchains can do a lot more than just send money.

Scattered Specialists

With the advent of smart contracts, blockchains have evolved from a mere platform for decentralized transactions to a distributed cloud network for deploying financial applications. Billions of dollars worth of digital assets are transferred over these networks every day, and with the rise of decentralized finance platforms, crypto financial services are becoming more accessible by the day.

Collaboration is in blockchain’s lifeblood, brought to life by a group of people separated by distance, culture, financial backgrounds, and expertise. Developing for blockchain networks requires expertise in various fields, including economics, computer science, cryptography, and distributed systems. It’s rare for one person to have knowledge on such a diverse range of topics, but there are countless experts on individual subjects.

Collectively Inspired

Over the last decade, blockchain’s growth has hinged on its ability to bring people from different knowledge backgrounds together, and we want to help with that process. DecentralHacks 2021 is an emphasis on the collaborative work that goes into blockchain technology – an endeavor so ambitious its potential is hard to quantify.

A hundred years from now, when decentralized networks dominate our financial systems and services, people will look back to the events that brought us together, and we want you to be in that story.

DecentralHacks will take place in three phases:


An idea is worth nothing unless implemented. Learn the fundamentals of blockchain & how its development tools work so you can bring your ideas to life.


A little help can go a long way. Spend some time with our mentors and other blockchain experts to better understand how best to create your masterpiece.


The most revolutionary dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. Thousands of developers hammer away at their keyboards for an entire week, building their way to victory.

Past Speakers
Teach me, senpai.
Emin Gün Sirer
Founder and CEO,
AVA Labs
Nicolas Cary
Co-founder and President,
Colin LeMahieu
Founder and CEO, Nano
John deVadoss
Head of Development,
Bobby Ong
Kevin Owocki
CEO, Gitcoin
Francesco Renzi
CEO, Superfluid Finance
Luke Stokes
Managing Director, Fio Protocol
Clarence Liu
VP Development, Elastos
Tascha Punyaneramitdee
Co-Founder, Alpha Finance
Sumit Gupta
Co-founder & CEO,
Richa Joshi
Co-founder, EPNS
Prashanth Balasubramanian
Co-Founder, Lastbit
Abhishek Bourai
Sami Mian
Head of Business development in APAC, Hedera Hashgraph
Sherif Abushadi
Head of Education, NEAR
Vikas Singh
Founder & CEO, BloqueLabs
Ashish Mehta
Chair, Blockchain Working Group
Kashif Raza
Founder, Crypto Kanoon
On Yavin
Jaye Harrill
Communications Manager, Quantstamp
Jeremy Musighi
Head of Growth,
Balancer Labs
Wui Yang
CEO, SnapEx
Shrikar Parashar
Head of Business Development, GoSats
Arnav Vohra
Developer Evangelist, Zilliqa
Past Sponsors
Past Partners
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does each phase last?

The Conceptualize and Collaborate stage last for a week; the Create stage of the hackathon will last for 10 days

Q2. Is DecentralHacks free?

Yes! Bring your friends too 😊

Q3. What’s the judging procedure?

Applications will be judged by our hackathon partners based on the rules laid out in the event guidelines.

Q4. How many people can be in a team?

Teams of up to 5 people are allowed, with no restrictions on who can be a member. Feel free to connect with other participants to mix and match skill levels. Have you checked out our discord yet?

Q5. I’m new to development. This sounds complicated.

Everyone starts somewhere, and though there may be things you don’t understand immediately, it’s all part of the learning process. Hop on our community channels, connect with other developers, and engage in mentor sessions to try and build something for the heck of it. Learning never goes to waste.

Q6. I’m a veteran developer. What do I get out of this?

DecentralHacks is a platform to discuss all kinds of topics with industry experts from around the world. Creating products that people value is no cakewalk and having an experienced eye to comb through your ideas can be incredibly valuable in the long run. Blockchain is a small industry with big market potential. The competition is fierce but small, giving you the opportunity to make your mark.