India Blockchain Tour 2022

What is the India Blockchain Tour?

The India Blockchain Tour is a series of events hosted by Octaloop and its partners. The event comprises discussions, speakers, presentations, and some crypto-focused entertainment for attendees!

As part of Octaloop’s vision to take blockchain to the Indian masses, an ongoing endeavor since we first launched in 2016, IBT 2022 has been incredibly insightful, enabling us to see just how far the Indian crypto community has come in real-time.

With huge crowds at all our venues and participation from visionary speakers and builders in the space, the India Blockchain Tour isn’t just a collection of professionals and enthusiasts – it’s a message to the global Web3 space. India wants blockchain, and we’re going to fight for it.

After six long and successful years, Octaloop is proud to have played a role in making India the largest adopter of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Metamorphosis 2022 is


developers have participated in our hackathons!

A Forum

Discuss pressing issues like regulation, DeFi, the Metaverse and decentralized governance.

A Launchpad

Bringing young graduates, industry professionals and investors together, Metamorphosis 2022 takes ideas from incubation to execution.

A Talent Map

Metamorphosis 2022 showcases the bench strength of India’s Web3 sector, an industry of talented developers, analysts and enthusiasts from all over the country.