Blockchain technology is evolving rapidly, and the projects building on blockchain, especially the developers behind them, are prepping the runway for takeoff. India is one of the world’s largest contributors to software, generating over $200 billion in revenue this year alone. With governments, banks, and even global financial institutions looking to blockchain as the future of finance, the burgeoning Web3 industry is an opportunity to help design and improve the world’s monetary systems.

What is Unblock?

Unblock 2022 is a hackathon focused on improving and building applications for blockchain networks. From DeFi and NFTs to Stablecoins, AMMs, and DAOs, this November, developers from all over the country are tuning in to compete for a $10,000 prize pool.


developers have participated in our hackathons, winning over $100,000 in prizes!

So how does this work?

Unblock 2022 will take place in three stages:


Great ideas are nothing without great implementation. This phase involves learning how blockchain works from some of the most experienced professionals in the space, and equipping yourself with the tools you’ll need to distill your dreams into reality.


It’s big brain time. Put your thinking caps on, grab your favorite beverage and let your creativity shine. Gather your resources, set your objectives, and plan out your adventure with expert guidance from our on-site mentors.


On your keyboards, neck stretch, go! Hundreds of developers wire into their computers, weaving letters together on a screen to produce real-world financial applications. $10,000 hangs in the balance. The Ascend phase is all about showing the blockchain who’s boss.

What’s this conference thing going on?

The Unblock hackathon will take place at Metamorphosis 2022, a crypto & Web3 focused conference where some of the most influential names in blockchain turn up to discuss, debate, and discover the latest trends in the blockchain industry.

At Metamorphosis 2022, not only will you meet people behind some of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in the space, you’ll also get to discuss your ideas, find potential investors, signal to recruiters, and learn more about this ever-growing sphere.

Metamorphosis 2022 is the final stage of the India Blockchain Tour, a series of meetups and events being held across the country to help promote and educate people about the uses of blockchain networks. Learn more about Metamorphosis 2022 and the India Blockchain Tour here.