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Organic articles and mentions in crypto and fintech publications

If you're looking for your brand to be covered in some of the most coveted publications globally, you're in the right place! Be it crypto or finance, we're in cahoots with the best tier-1 and tier-2 publications this space has to offer.

PR and Organic Articles in the Indian Media

Whether you’re looking to target your audience through traditional or web3 media, we’ve got you covered! Our partnerships with prominent tier-1 and tier-2 publications will get you where you need to be.

Partnerships with Indian KOLs

We partner with the best KOLs in India, so you don’t have to! Let us know your requirements, and we’ll tap into our carefully curated list of influencers to bring you unrivalled prices and mediation.

Exclusive events for projects

Events are the best way for projects to interact with their audience in person, and make a lasting impact. And at Octaloop, we excel at all things events! Having organised over 30+ events at different scales since 2016, we’ve done it all. Here’s some pictures from our most recent event:

Our flagship events


Metamorphosis is a celebration of the Web3 community, bringing enthusiasts, influencers, builders, innovators, founders, and investors together under a single roof to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues. This year, we build on our success from Metamorphosis 2022, and bring you 3 events across 3 different cities. You can learn more about

INDIA Blockchain TOUR

Whether it’s meeting fellow enthusiasts and professionals, learning more about the industry in general, or gathering the connections needed to take your business to the next level, the India Blockchain Tour has it all. This year, we successfully visited 6 cities across India.




Community Building

For B2C projects, having an active audience can make the difference between your customers choosing you over your competitors. And with all the noise on social media, standing out can be hard. But worry not, we understand the intricacies of keeping an audience happy and engaged.




Our work

Ran successful brand awareness campaigns for Phemex, delivering them 880+ downloads in a single day, and hosting various side events for them throughout the year. We’ve also worked with Phemex to provide them with extensive content marketing services, including but not limited to: PRs and organic articles, partnerships with KOLs and community building that helped grow their user base from 1 million to over 5 million in just two years.

Successfully ran brand awareness campaigns as part of Poloniex’s market entry strategy, attracting 500+ users per month. We also educated people about Poloniex through quizzes, trading competitions, and other promotions, and procured them 2 IEOs through Metamorphosis.

Hosted workshops for the NEAR Foundation as part of its country-wide adoption campaigns. We’re also working closely with NEAR for the India Blockchain Tour, promoting their new BOS platform and their expansion into India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Conducted brand awareness campaigns for Bitcasino, India’s first licensed crypto casino, exposing them to over 5000+ traders and Web3 enthusiasts, and facilitating 500+ app downloads from a single event.

Hosted hackathons for the Cosmos ecosystem to onboard developers from the Indian blockchain community.

Since you've made it this far...

Marketing agencies are everywhere, and with how much time people spend online, virtual media has become far more important than it’s ever been. Writing copy is easy; writing good copy is hard. In an industry like blockchain, where everyone constantly looks for more opportunities to capitalize, it’s important to stand out.

From a one-man army conducting small personal projects to an infantry of crypto-marketers hosting India’s largest blockchain meetup, our enthusiasm for building informed communities is deep-rooted and nearlimitless. From pen-and-paper event registrations to tokenized hackathon certificates on the blockchain, we’ve come a long way from where we started.

A decentralized network is only as strong as its users, and events help bring them together. From hackathons to global summits, we’ve hosted them all, and we’re proud of our ability to unite people and strengthen connections. Blockchain isn’t just about making more money -- it’s about making better money.

As a group of experts with decades of collective experience in cryptocurrencies and financial services, our goal is not only to ensure every project has a voice, but a compelling one that truly captures the audience’s imagination. There’s a story behind every revolution, and we’d like to tell yours.

Trends aren’t created by mechanical automatons hammering away at keyboards, optimizing content for search. We’re storytellers, artists, raconteurs, poets, and wisecrackers. We’re fascinated by distributed systems and the technology behind them, and while not everyone shares our opinion, we’re determined to broadcast our perspective. Octaloop wasn’t created to meet financial goals; it was built as a consequence of passion.