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unblock 2021: code for an open economy

February 24, 2021 by Manu Naik
Blockchain developers

Blockchain is an industry that thrives on constantly innovating, and that’s crucial for the goal it set out to accomplish. The space is at a critical stage right now. Institutional investors have expressed faith in the technology, and developers are rapidly building faster and more secure iterations.

Developers are the pilots of blockchain’s journey over the last decade, and helping developers create better decentralized systems for the world is imperative to creating a better, more inclusive financial system for the future.

The technology is still young, but despite how much it’s grown, there are still countless roadblocks for blockchain developers in the current scenario. We understand how important developers are to this industry, and we want to inspire more of them.

Supply exists to serve demand, and we think creating spaces for developers to educate, discuss, and debate various approaches to the industry’s problems is definitely a step in the right direction.

Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a developer on the fence or just someone who wants to learn more about the technology, unblock 2021 is an incredible resource. With the support of Nano, NEAR, Elastos, CXIHub, and SnapEx as our official sponsors, you can learn, build and win over $3,000 and many other incentives from them.

From the billions of dollars locked into DeFi platforms this year to Bitcoin’s unprecedented rise in value, the last year has been a wild ride for blockchain.

The hackathon will take place in three phases: know, imagine, and code. The know phase will cover the learning part of the hackathon, including tutorials about the basics of blockchain development and in-depth discussions with mentors and other industry experts. 

The imagine phase will let participants flesh out their ideas, taking opinions from more experienced blockchain developers, and creating an efficient strategy to develop the application during the following code week.

Blockchain is at a critical point where the mainstream user is ready, but the technology still needs work. Financial systems are complex, but it’s only through trial and error that we can make them simpler. There’s a lot to unpack and much to learn.

unblock 2021 embodies everything we’ve learned from our extensive history of conducting events in the blockchain industry. We’re the biggest fans of blockchain we know, and we want to make it better.

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