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April 11, 2022

Content Marketing in Blockchain: Building a Community

content marketing in blockchain

The blockchain industry is a community of people from different backgrounds. While developers write efficient code, the marketing folk write captivating content. However, between advanced cryptography and dynamic payment networks, these teams need to be well-versed with much more than just writing. For one, there’s economics.

Blockchain-based projects are unlike other startups in the tech sphere. Most technology companies sell a product or service to their user-base. Blockchain companies are the product or service.

When someone uses a blockchain, they’re buying the associated token, making it slightly more valuable. An increase in users directly influences a project’s worth, and that can make all the difference.

Real people, real numbers.

While it’s essential to make a good impression, how you make that impression is equally important. It looks good to have 20,000 followers on a Twitter profile, but when posts don’t spark an engaging conversation in the comments, it breaks the illusion.

Content isn’t a chore that needs to be done to attract users – it’s what brings the community together in the first place. Behind every lifeless metric are actual people. No amount of inflated vanity metrics can replace a real person spending their money on your platform.

Users stick to those that provide the most value, and different people have different needs. Understanding your market segment is crucial to developing the kind of content that’s right for your business.

There are short-term gains to be made using fake numbers and uninspired, manufactured content. However, establishing yourself as a dependable, valuable service or product is far more useful in the long-term. Welcome to content marketing for blockchain.

Good copy needs marketing, great copy markets itself.

When you look at a content marketing strategy, whether for blockchain or not, building organic growth can seem incredibly formulaic. Perhaps your website needs more articles per week, targeting a specific keyword. Your content might not be exciting enough to engage users to read through the whole article.

Is your site’s speed affecting potential traffic? Have you thought about more back-links from websites with greater domain authority?

Forget blockchain, even search engine optimization jargon can be confusing, though content marketing isn’t really that complicated. Content is a window through which your audience sees and connects with your brand, and with great content comes great user-bases.

Informative, witty, and logically sound (if not slightly opinionated) content not only attracts more people to the platform; it sparks an actual discussion. For blockchain-based projects, this is one of the most critical parts of developing a decentralized ecosystem.

Marketing isn’t about manipulating people into spending their cash — that’s what ICOs are for. Marketing is about the image.

If business models and account statements are the brains of an operation, marketing would most certainly be the brawn. Potential customers generally frown on lousy content, and so does Google. When boiled down into raw numbers and metrics, it seems mechanical and tiresome to maintain optimized site content.

When people think about search engine ranking, they imagine a complex software that checks for parameters that represent good content. But a search engine hardly understands what good content is, and it’s not the ranking algorithm you’re trying to impress.

Even if you rank highest, crude content isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. The right keywords may get your foot in the door, but it’s the content that seals the deal.

Words are key

TV shows tend to dramatize workplace environments, presenting only the most captivating parts to the audience. The hours spent studying a file before a court case or the years of training athletes go through are never shown completely.

All the monotonous work gets cut out. That’s not the say lawyers and athletes have boring jobs, but they probably look back on the exciting parts more fondly.

Search Engine Optimization is a massive part of our jobs. Content needs to be seen to have any effect, but SEO is still only half the work. If content marketing were a TV show, you’d only get to see the creative breakthroughs – the eureka moments when the team figures out the perfect way to communicate an idea to the market.

SEO may be our bread and butter, but it’s those moments of unbridled creativity that make us truly love what we do. Content is more than just a sequence of words that cater to an algorithm. Business and communication go hand in hand, and when you’re dealing with decentralized systems, content is your best communication channel.

The highest volume keywords drive the most traffic, but it can also skew the quality of traffic on your platform. Online businesses are all about conversions, and unless your product/service is relevant to the people who see your content, that’s not going to happen.

Keywords can tell you much about the people searching for them, and your content needs to target the keywords your potential customers search for. Business decisions are ideally made through logical reasoning, but spending money is more emotional than that.

Content isn’t about organizing facts in an easy-to-consume manner — it’s about exposing people to a solution they didn’t know they needed. Connect your business to people through content, and people will connect to your content with their business.

When a wall of text stands between your customer and their credit card, it’s essential to make a good impression. Getting there is no cakewalk, especially in a field like blockchain. It might take months, even years, to get your content to the stage it needs to be, but no journey is too long with the right company.