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Imagine if you could go back and make something online before the Internet blew up. Blockchain is complicated, but it’s simple to see why it’s worth talking about. Think about it like this: people used to send letters to communicate long-distance; now video calls are free. Necessity is the mother of invention, and as the […]

Volatility is a natural market phenomenon. A certain amount of price downturn in any financial market is bound to happen over a period of time. If the asset has sound fundamentals, the price eventually bounces back. In fact, this cycle is considered healthy by market analysts.  No asset can just keep going up in value […]

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Applications are the fuel of any software-based ecosystem’s growth, and this holds for all kinds of platforms, from smartphones and home appliances to centralized and decentralized networks. The blockchain industry is bursting at the seams with revolutionary ideas, hackathon-inspired innovative technologies, and dedicated people. While the space has certainly matured from its humble origins over […]

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Blockchain is an industry that thrives on constantly innovating, and that’s crucial for the goal it set out to accomplish. The space is at a critical stage right now. Institutional investors have expressed faith in the technology, and developers are rapidly building faster and more secure iterations. Developers are the pilots of blockchain’s journey over […]

Content Marketing in Blockchain: Building a Community

Build better blockchain communities with content marketing.

How Challenge Breeds Creativity: 4 Brilliant Blockchain Apps from the DecentralHacks Hackathon

Blockchain hackathons are great for promoting innovation in development. Check out some of the most interesting apps developed at DecentralHacks.

Blockchain Regulation India

India presents turbulent waters for blockchain regulation, but its people are adamant in their demands.